Continuous Delivery for a Digital Bank

The Objective


Pension Savings Bank,

Jakarta Indonesia

One of the leading Business Banks in Indonesia needed a centralized platform that could drive the Continuous Delivery process from development upto production for all the present and future applications that are part of the Digital Transformation Journey,


The objective was to build a centralized application lifecycle management system that can be driven by a very stable and robust Continuous Delivery Platform that can reduce the release cycle time.

The Challenge


Aug 2017 - March 2018

  • Multiple App Architecture - Microservices on containers and Monoliths on VMs

  • Lack of automated build and deployment.

  • Legacy tools used for application testing executed on manual trigger. No automation hence no Continuous Integration(CI).

  • Lack of a centralized platform that can provide continuous integration  from dev to prod.

  • The containerization platform was not ready for production. Instability of versions, configs etc due to lack of version control and config management.

  • Application Development teams dependency on Ops team for deployment would take days to release the product to prod.

The Initiative


Openshift, Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, Nexus, Groovy

Ideated, Analysed and Lead a group of newly onboarded DevOps Engineers towards building :

  • An in-house release engineering tool with Role-based access control, multiple platform API integration, and continuous delivery.

  • Automated Platform Tools Setup with configuration management.

  • Stabilisation and Improvement of the container platform. 

  • One design for Continuous Delivery of both Monoliths(VM based) and Microservices (Openshift)

  • Identifying the bottlenecks of testing in the legacy framework and integrating the solutions in the same Continuous Delivery process.


We designed a standard workflow from dev to prod, adopting the latest and reliable containerization technologies and configuration management tools available at the time. Each environment was as close to production configuration and composition as possible. Everything was automated, from setting up the systems to getting the site up and ready.

The Impact


Continuous Delivery of Banking Applications

  • Product teams own production deployment and releases,

  • Zero dependencies on any Operations team for prod deployment 

  • One click App deployment.  From days to minutes.

  • From monthly releases to weekly Releases.

  • Zero downtime upgrade for Continuous Delivery Platform.

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