Ground Zero to Cloud in a Quarter

The Objective


Management Consulting Firm

One of the major Management Consulting firm wanted to take their complete SaaS product hosted to Cloud for the first time ever. Their target was to onboard their next biggest customer to SaaS on cloud and followed by 3 other customers over a period of next 6 months.This movement was considered one of the biggest investment that business had made that year.


The objective was to enable continuous delivery of the complete SaaS product on a  public cloud such that it can onboard on average 20+ customers on demand every month.


One of the key requirement was to comply with the firm’s strict security policies that were in line with ISAE3000 Compliance.

The Challenge


Jan 2016 - March 2016

  • The multi-tenancy of the product made the security of customer data and Intellectual Property the highest priority.

  • Different customers had different preferences for cloud providers.

  • The product was neither scalable nor cloud-ready. Application tech stack had constraints on the operating system. The deployment process was not completely automated. 

  • Integration and testing of multiple modules and engines to work together seamlessly.

  • Ensuring  Security of both the application and the infrastructure to avoid compromise and loss of intellectual property and customer data.


Moreover, there were other operational challenges like

  • Playing multiple technical and business roles all at the time. Mentoring and Pairing with a complete fresh bunch of developers while implementing the solution.

  • Time-constrained and culturally diverse operations teams working across EU, US and India. Coordination and Communication was the key. Multiple processes involved in architecture review, security review, pen testing etc. 

  • The timeline was to get the platform ready within 4 months

The Initiative


AWS, Chef-Provisioning, Go-cd,


Infrastructure As Code for

  • Provisioning servers, network, load balancers, DNS and more

  • Enabling Security Standards such as  OS and App Hardening, Network segregation and access control, Identity and Access Management, Data Encryption on disk and database layer. 

  • Configuration Management of application data

One click deployment pipeline for 

  • Infrastructure provisioning 

  • Application build, package and publish

  • Application deployment

  • Application Database Management 

Continuous Integration for

  • All environments from dev to prod followed a standard architecture diagram bringing consistency in the development and testing of the application.

  • Testing multiple modules and engines to work together seamlessly.


The deployment tools were agnostic of cloud provider making it portable across different cloud providers like AWS, Azure etc. Core expertise in DevOps and cloud domains were enabled within the development to teams  to make it a part of their application lifecycle.

The Impact


Continuous Delivery On a Secure Cloud Infrastructure

  • Onboarding new clients became much easier and could scale up to 10 times in a month. They were able to sell one of their key engines for the first time to a very big customer, something they have been trying to build for 2 years.

  • The first Customer live in 4 months followed by 2nd and third in following two months. They could onboard an average of 20 customers in a month. 

  • Environment On Demand in less than an hour, which otherwise would take weeks. Less dependency on Operations reduced infrastructure and operational costs.

  • Compliance with ISAE3000 standarads

  • Faster deployments cutting down the release cycles from months to weeks enabling steady scale up

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